Terry Heggy

After having only one (disastrous) date in his first 21 years of life, Terry Heggy finally decided to get over his paralyzing fear of women, his intense social anxiety, and his utter failure in his attempts at relationships. When he stumbled across a program that changed his life, he quickly gained confidence and charisma, and finally was able to enjoy the relationships with women that he'd always wanted.

With his degree in Journalism, Terry used his writing talents to make the program easy to understand for everyone. In addition to creating the best-selling book, "The Shy Man's Guide to Success with Women", Terry has enjoyed entertaining and educating people with his popular motivational seminars and adult education classes for both men and women. In fact, he met his wife when she signed up for his Shy Person's Guide to Success with the Opposite Sex class.

Terry's motivation to help others comes from his personal knowledge of how painful it can be to struggle against shyness and introversion -- how wonderful life can be once a person learns the secrets of dating and relationship success. During his ten years of research that went into developing his program, Terry witnessed first-hand how his advice consistently helped people improve their results. That's why he feels confident enough to offer a no-questions asked money-back guarantee. His techniques absolutely work.

When he's not busy helping people improve their results in dating and relationships, Terry helps adult swimmers improve their athletic performance as head coach for the Foothills Masters Swim Team in Littleton, Colorado. He has written articles for SWIM magazine, and has won the prestigious Lou Parker Award as the Colorado Masters Swim Coach of the Year.

Terry also has fun writing about other subjects (including movie reviews) some of his pieces are hilarious... some will really make you think. His wide range of experiences has given him a unique perspective on this life we live. Some of the more interesting happenings from Terry's past include:

Yes, that really is Burt Ward
shaking hands with Terry (1974)

  • Vacuum cleaner salesman
  • Country/Western Disk Jockey
  • Top 10 Finishes at Masters Swimming National Championships
  • Camping fuel assembly line worker
  • Boy Scout (Order of the Arrow, God & Country Award, Troop Bugler, etc.)
  • Tour guide for Space Shuttle training facility
  • Wedding and Special Event Videographer
  • Nationally broadcast computer trainer & consultant
  • World Record holder in the 50 meter Tasmanian Hula
  • Corporate Communications Manager
  • Professional magician
  • 7th Place Finish in the American Motorcyclist Association's National Championship Field Meet